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December 13, 2010

Throughout the years I heard people make comments about the importance of a good window treatment. Beautiful window treatments do make a house a home in my opinion. A home is a place where first impressions count.

Here's one comment that I'd like to share with you.

While house hunting last year, a woman and her husband searched and searched until they stumbled on what they thought was their dream home. They immediately fell in love with the place. As soon as they walked into the front room, they knew this was the home for them.

What they noticed immediately was the beautiful window treatments on display in each room. The draperies in every room were hung with care matching the decor throughout the home. The patio door had attractive blinds. It was so picture perfect they actually thought this home should be in a magazine.

They said Yes to the realtor and purchased the home. Regretfully, at the time they also were informed that the window treatments were not part of the deal!

The next time they went to the home, the windows were bare. It didn't look like the same house. They still liked the place, but they said what a difference. They knew right then and there they needed to get serious about decorating all those windows. They just didn't want any old style of draperies. They wanted a beautiful window treatment and even the exact same ones, if at all possible. It's amazing how a simple or elegant treatment can do wonders for your home!

We here at Windo Van Go know all about decor and creating an ambience. We focus on helping our customer choose just the right fabric and style for their home whether it be draperies, blinds or verticals. We do all this in the comfort of your home. Choosing just the right style for your home should be a pleasant experience. It shouldn't be a quick decision but a thoughtful plan.

We bring your windows to life whether it be something sophisticated or casual. Our years of experience can help you design your actual dream. There is such a huge variety of beautiful fine fabrics to choose at your fingertips. Many attractive colors, textures and prints are available. Your home is literally probably the most largest investment you'll ever make. It's a place where your family lives and where memories are built. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy decorating alone. Taking on such a project can become frustrating if one lacks the expertise. Making the wrong decision can end up costing yourself money. Hiring a Professional sometimes just makes sense. So, if you find that this is the case at your home. give us a call. We are located in Pittsburgh. We've been independently owned since 1991. We cover entire Western Pennsylvania along with the Tri-State area.

Call us today at 412.361.6101 to schedule a convenient time for us to visit your home. We will show you first hand how we can make your home picture perfect.

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